Our Process

10 Steps to Peace of Mind

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Initial Consultation

A private in-depth conversation with our attorney to discuss your goals and priorities and get your questions answered. Our attorney will help you design an estate plan that’s right for you. You’ll leave this meeting with a “Homework List” of items to collect as we begin drafting your documents.

Client Gathers Information

We’re happy to receive your information as it becomes available, or all at once. Use mail, fax, phone, our mail drop, or our Client Portal; whichever is most convenient for you. Original documents are stored in our fireproof vault for safekeeping.

PETRUSHA LAW Creates Draft Documents

Within about three weeks of engaging our firm, we’ll provide you with a summary of the terms, assets, and contacts specific to your estate plan for review. These may be delivered as PDF files via our secure Client Portal, or as paper copies through the mail, whichever is your preference.

Review and Refine Estate Plan

This is when additional questions may come to mind or you may wish to make some changes. It is worthwhile to take the time to get your plan right. A paralegal will follow up with you and maintain communication to keep your project moving along, bringing your attorney in as needed.

Revisions? Phone calls? They’re included in the price.

Client Approves Final Terms

After you have approved your estate plan terms and provided any necessary records and information, we will schedule your signing appointment with your attorney in our office.

Signing Appointment

Your attorney will present your complete set of estate planning documents for signature, as well as the documents required to transfer your assets (Trust plans only). All documents will be properly witnessed and notarized in compliance with California law. Notarizations are a complimentary part of our service.

Funding your Trust (Trust plans only)

If you’ve chosen a trust-based plan, we make sure it is funded by transferring your assets into the Trust. For most assets, all you do is sign and we handle the rest. In the case of bank and credit union accounts, we prepare transfer instructions for you to deliver to your local branch. Your paralegal will follow up to make sure everything transfers properly.

Delivery of Completed Estate Plan

You will receive copies of your signed estate planning documents in a convenient booklet, along with handy wallet cards for quick reference. Original documents are stored in our fireproof vault for safekeeping. If you’d like, we can also store secure PDF versions of your plan documents on our Client Portal at no extra cost, making this important information available to you anytime, anywhere.

Client Delivers Health Care Documents

We’ll provide you with extra copies of your Advance Health Care Directive and HIPAA documents to give to your primary physician or other medical providers, such as hospitals, to keep on file for you. We recommend putting this information in place before it is needed.

Relax and Enjoy the Peace of Mind!

Congratulations! Enjoy the sense of accomplishment and peace of mind that comes with having your affairs in order no matter what happens. We’ll check in with you annually to be sure we have the most current contact information for all your named agents. Clients with trusts will also receive a complimentary estate plan review and consultation every three years.